Umran Haji

I'm a super-senior double majoring in Astrophysics and Philosophy (Fall 2018 is my ninth and final semester). Since January 2016, I've done on-campus research with the Berkeley SETI Research Center, and in summer 2017 I participated in an REU at Rutgers where I studied the orbital motions of the Milky Way's satellite galaxies in relation to cosmological models of galaxy formation.

I am one of those somewhat rare people (rare on this Wiki, at least) who are emphatically NOT going to graduate school. Instead, I'm using my science/math skills to make the jump to a quantitative role in the banking industry.

Feel free to ask me about REUs, careers outside of science/academia, double majoring (shameless plug: you will be a better scientist if you study philosophy, and you'll probably learn more about science than you will from most physics classes), or anything really. I love meeting interesting people! :)