Shaunak Modak

Hello! My name is Shaunak (pronounced like “Shaun” with an “a” & a “k” at the end), and I'm a fourth-year physics and math major interested in a wide variety of topics in physics and astrophysics. I currently work in the Filippenko and Ma groups, studying supernovae and supermassive black holes respectively. I'm also interested in science education: this fall will be my second time being a UGSI for Astronomy C10, and I'll be helping facilitate the “From Quasars to Quarks” DeCal, which will explore a wide variety of physics topics. Within UAS, I help organize the cluster mentorship program. Outside of academics, my hobbies include biking, archery, and checking out basically anything anyone ever recommends to me (send me books/shows/movies/music/games/any other media you like!).