I'm a fourth year physics & astro double major. My research interests are mostly in the areas of galaxy formation and evolution.

Research bio: I like to think about how galaxies and the things that live inside them co-evolve. For more details, check here.

Regarding classes, so far I have taken: Physics: 7ABC + 110A/112/137AB/105/111A Astro: 7AB + optical lab (120), stars (160), galaxies (218), fluids (202), radiation (207) If you have questions about any of these, feel free to ask!

In the department community:

I'm the undergrad representative for the Astro department. I meet every few weeks with representatives from each of the department's groups (faculty/postdocs/grads) to discuss any issues that come up – so if you've got any questions, comments, or concerns about the department (e.g., curriculum, research, climate) that you want to relay to the Powers that Be, talk to me!

I also help run the semi-regular undergrad astro society (UAS) meetings and am a uGSI for C10.

Contact Email me (nchoksi@berkeley.edu) if you want to talk or have questions - I usually respond super quickly and would love to help with anything! Alternatively, I am pretty much always in Campbell 525, so feel free to stop by anytime - odds are I'll be there.