Mackenzie Moody

Doge I double majored in Physics and Astrophysics. I was involved in two research projects while at Berkeley, one of which was with Steve Stahler. We are investigated EXors, which are young stars that exhibit episodic accretion. We gathered known data and analyzed pre-main sequence tracks to determine masses and ages, and then found any correlations between age and other stellar properties. My second research project was with Ann-Marie Madigan and another undergraduate (Andrew Halle) on modeling the nuclear disk around M31 to investigate the stability of the disk as well as the evolution of the stellar orbits.

I have done summer research throughout my time as an undergraduate, at a company located in southern California called The Aerospace Corporation. While there, I was the primary operator of their 1-meter telescope, I assisted in observations on the Shane 3-meter telescope at Lick Observatory, wrote a script to find satellite passes for a given night using Python, and many other miscellaneous tasks.

Outside of classes/homework/research, I can be found at home reading or watching tv or sleeping. If you have any questions about either major, or just about Cal, (or anything really) feel free to contact me. Also if you have questions about applying to graduate school, I've gone through that whole process so feel free to ask me anything about that.

I am currently a graduate student at Princeton University working towards my PhD in Astrophysics.


You can email me anytime with questions!