I'm now a grad student (and NSF GRFP fellow) at Princeton in the department of astrophysical sciences. My research interests + experience are in high-energy and transient astrophysics. At Berkeley, I worked on observations (Filippenko group) and simulations (Quataert group). For my PhD, I'm pursuing the latter.

I was previously VP of Berkeley's Society of Physics Students (SPS), and a coordinator of (SWPS), a founder/organizer of (UAS), and a facilitator of AstroJustice. I'm pretty into science outreach as well as discussing and educating myself about diversity in STEM, so feel free to contact me about that.

I also worked as a UGSI for Astro C10 in Fall 2015+16 and for Astro 7B in Spring 2016+17.

I am happy to offer advice about how to find research, whether to take Astro 7A/7B, the physics major, getting involved in physics or astro departments, the culture of either department, UGSI-ing and grading, navigating the grad school application process, NSF applications, and probably more.
Reach me at ghalevi@astro.princeton.edu; I answer my e-mail ridiculously quickly.