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Dhruv Muley

My name is Dhruv Muley, and I am (as of Spring 2018) a second-year Physics/Astrophysics double-major here at UC Berkeley with research centered on theoretical astrophysics. My current projects include simulations of dust production in distant galaxies with Carl Pennypacker and Peter Nugent at LBNL, and multi-scale modeling of molecular clouds with Richard Klein, Chris McKee, and Pak-Shing Li. Previously, I worked for a year with David Kipping of Columbia University on the transit light curves of extrasolar moons. I'm also interested in how simulation results are confirmed observationally, and have extracted observational proxies for underlying physics from simulations.

I took a somewhat unusual path in the Astro major (didn't take the Python DeCal, took Astro 7A/B in freshman year, etc.) so I'm probably not the best person to ask about that. However, I am definitely willing to discuss the physics side of the double major (whether to take the 5 series, how to space out coursework, etc.), and especially any questions regarding programming and scientific computing in astrophysics, both on the modeling and data-analysis sides. I divide my “free” time roughly evenly between 525 Campbell (Undergrad Offices) and the Physics Reading Room, so you should be able to find me in one of those places.


You can never be too sure, but I'm not a robot! Besides physics and astronomy, I have keen interests in politics, economics, history, and video games.



I check this all the time.