Derek Perera

I am a fourth year Physics and Astrophysics double major here at Cal. I've done research in high energy astrophysics and time domain astronomy with Thomas de Jaeger and Alex Filippenko for the past 2.5 years, focusing on Type II Supernovae and standard candle cosmology. My main research interests lie in solving the Hubble Tension, constraining cosmological parameters for Dark Matter and Dark Energy, and understanding how high energy and nuclear processes and elementary particles influence our understanding of the universe, with special focus on stars, supernovae, and cosmology. I am also broadly interested in all subfields of physics, particulary particle physics, AMO physics, and instrumentation.

I originally started as a pure physics major, then took Astro C10 with Filippenko my freshman year, got enlightened by astrophysics, and decided to double. I've basically finished the physics major at this point, and am slowly wrapping up the astro major.

I am the VP of UAS, and currently I am undertaking the ambitious project of updating kartp by making it far more accessible and thorough to future undergrads. I have also been a UGSI for Physics 8A and 8B.

Outside of physics, my interests include distance running, hockey (Go Sharks), chess, socialist political and economic theory, punk rock music, broadway musicals, geography, and food.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk about anything. If you have suggestions for edits to kartp, reach out to me.

You can contact me at:
I check my email very frequently. When COVID isn't ravaging the universe I can typically be found in the Astro Lab or KAIT Room in Campbell or the Physics Library in LeConte.