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Cee Gould

Cee Gould

Hey there! My name is Cee, like the letter! I'm a third year Physics and Astrophysics Major here at UC Berkeley, and am currently working with Gaspard Duchene on a protoplanetary disk image analysis project, and with Alex Filippenko as an undergraduate observational astronomer. This summer I completed a research internship at NASA Goddard in Greenbelt, Maryland, where I worked with NASA civil servant Tonia Venters on a project in high energy theoretical astrophysics. Check out my research website to learn more about these different projects!

This semester I'm also co-facilitating a decal, Past Present & Future of Space Exploration!

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about the major, how to get research on campus, how to get research at NASA, how to facilitate a Decal, or what life is like as a UC Berkeley Astro undergrad!


If you're interested in getting involved with astro-related groups on campus, I'm strongly involved in and highly recommend joining the following groups:
Undergraduate Astronomy Society (UAS) [NEW!]
Space Exploration Society at Berkeley (SESB)
Society of Physics Students (SPS)
Society of Women in Physical Sciences (SWPS)


Feel free to reach out to me with questions! I am literally on the internet all of the time. Pick your favorite from below:


Or if you actually want to see me in person to verify that I actually exist, I usually sit in the corner of 525 Campbell Hall.

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