This is a Directory which includes past and present undergraduates and other volunteers on this Wiki. You can click through individual links to access blurbs, research websites, and contact information for those who are willing to answer any questions you may have.

Current Undergraduates

Derek Perera - (Senior, Undergraduate Researcher, UGSI, UAS VP)
Christian Ramos - (Sophomore, Undergraduate Researcher, UAS Secretary)
Mine Gokcen - (Junior, Undergraduate Researcher, UAS Officer)
Shaunak Modak - (Senior, Undergraduate Researcher, UGSI, UAS Officer)
Yilun Ma - (Junior, Undergraduate Representative, Undergraduate Researcher, UAS Officer)
AJ Olvera - (Senior, Undergraduate Researcher, UAS President)
Michelle Lee - (Senior, Undergraduate Researcher, Undergraduate Climate Advisor)

Past Undergraduates

Sabrina Berger - (Former Undergraduate Researcher)
Nick Choksi - (Graduate Student at UC Berkeley, Former Undergraduate Researcher, UGSI)
Cee Gould - (Former SESB Coordinator, NASA intern)
Umran Haji - (Former Undergraduate Researcher)
Naomi Orosz - (Former Undergraduate Researcher in RAL, secretly a cat)
Dhruv Muley - (Former Affiliate at LBNL, Undergraduate Researcher, grader)
Imad Pasha - (former Python Decal Instructor, Junior Specialist)
Chris Agostino - (former Python Decal Instructor, Wears Colorful Pants)
Rachel Domagalski
Brianna Grado-White
Goni Halevi - (former Undergraduate Researcher, UGSI)
Kevin T. Hayakawa - (former UGSI and UG Researcher)
Ramsey Karim - (former Undergraduate Researcher)
Karto Keating
Diana Kossakowski - (former Undergraduate Researcher)
Austin McDowell - (former IDL Decal Instructor)
Mackenzie Moody - (former Undergraduate Researcher)
Alex Nguyen - (former Undergraduate Researcher)
Malena Rice - (former Undergraduate Researcher, UAS founder, UGSI)
Will Schultz - (former IDL Decal Instructor)
Joe Zalesky - (former IDL Decal Instructor)


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The astro department is lucky to have some excellent, approachable, and helpful advisors. See below! In addition, note that sometimes the best advice will also come from people who have gone through it themselves, so consider taking your question to another more senior student.

Undergraduate Faculty Advisor

Mariska Kriek is the Astronomy Undergraduate Faculty Advisor. She is available to assist with issues that arise during your time as an undergraduate student in Astrophysics, and is an excellent resource for information on the content of courses, career, research, etc.

Office: 317 Campbell Hall

Mariska holds scheduled office hours regularly throughout the semester. You can sign up to have a one-on-one meeting with her.

Department Advisor

Amber Banayat is our (awesome) department advisor. She's who you will get your class sign up codes from once you are declared, and is also a great resource for asking questions about the major, etc.
Phone: (510) 642-8520
Office: 501E Campbell Hall

  • Drop-in advising available Monday-Fridays from 1-4.
  • Appointments available Monday-Fridays 11-6.

For general advising inquiries: please email
Emails sent to include general academic policy, major declaration process, academic holds, enrollment issues, summer sessions, general course content and selection, academic probation. Emails sent to time-sensitive issues including declaring a major, degree checks, changing your EGT, petitions, signatures, etc. All other questions will be forwarded to If you do not want a delay in response, please DIRECTLY email

Here are some useful links for quick advising questions:
Undergrad Checklist resources:
Degree Check:
Advising Table (2020):

Undergraduate Representative

Yilun Ma is the current undergraduate representative. Yilun represents the undergraduate population within the Astronomy Department during administrative meetings, discussing issues specifically pertaining to the department. If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions regarding the undergraduate experience in the department, feel free to contact him.
Office Hours: TBD

This position is an elected position annually typically during the Spring semester. If you are interested in becoming the undergraduate representative, stay tuned for more information on how to apply!

Undergraduate Climate Advisor

Michelle Lee is the current undergraduate climate advisor. The undergraduate climate advisor prioritizes the well-being of students and can be the first point of contact for undergraduates for issues they would like to raise or resolve. If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions regarding undergraduate well-being in the department, feel free to contact Michelle.

This position is also an elected position annually typically during the Spring semester. If you are interested in becoming the undergraduate climate advisor, stay tuned for more information on how to apply!